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Sergio Pérez from México in Formula One

For Formula One fans, the start of 2021 has been enthralling, especially for México. The determination of race car driver Sergio Pérez Mendoza has paid off and it is exciting to see him place as one of the Top Ten racing drivers.  

Sergio Pérez Mendoza is a professional racing driver.

Sergio, nickname “Checo”, was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco in Mexico. He made his Formula One debut in 2011 and has had a successful ascent in auto racing.


Sergio Pérez is the first Mexican to win the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix.

His popularity is skyrocketing. Worldwide, he is a beloved figure among Latino fans, a result of Sergio Pérez’s cultural pride and representation.

This 2023, Formula One has scheduled three races in the United States. It has experienced a significant fan increase, statistics showing Latinos with the highest level of interest.

Sergio Pérez has finished in the top five in two out of three occasions. Sergio is the second Mexican to win in Formula One. Moreover, he has amassed more points than any other Mexican in auto racing.

Over 50 years have passed since a Mexican race car driver has achieved the highest category.

It is important to highlight that in this same season, Sergio had to overcome obstacles physically and mentally, since he missed two races, after having suffered Covid-19, in addition to losing his seat at Racing Point. As a result of his excellent performances, he got a shot at the second Red Bull seat.

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On May 3, 2021, in Portugal, Sergio came in 4th place. For a race driver who is familiarizing himself with the Honda model RB16B he has had a more than a promising trajectory. He was able to maintain first place for 15 minutes and completed 50 circuits with the same wheels. That day, Sergio was voted second in Driver of the Day.

One of the greatest virtues of Sergio Pérez throughout his career has been tire management. In Portugal, this was not the exception, as he has developed this skill over time, thanks to the fact that in the beginning, the lack of budget to continually change tires, allowed him to better understand how to manage his wheels.


Sergio Pérez Mendoza is a professional racing driver who races in Formula One. Sergio, nickname “Checo”, was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco in Mexico. He made his Formula One debut in 2011 and has had a successful ascent in auto racing.

In 2020, in Sahkir (Bahrain), the world of racing celebrated his first victory in Formula One. Sergio broke the record for longest waits.

In December 2020, the announcement was made that Sergio Pérez was selected as pilot for Red Bull.

In March 2021, Sergio made his debut with Red Bull at the Bahrain Grand Prix, where he mesmerized the audience and was voted Driver of the Day.

In April 2021, Sergio is regarded as one of the Top Ten racing drivers.

Checo Pérez Foundation

Sergio Pérez launched the Checo Pérez Foundation in 2012.

The Checo Pérez Foundation supports orphans and children with cancer. The foundation provides the infrastructure and opportunities to improve their living conditions.                            

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Kartodromo Checo Perez

In November 2018, the Checo Perez Kartodromo was inaugurated, in the City of Guadalajara in Jalisco Mexico, these facilities were designed with the purpose of promoting the passion for Formula 1 in Mexico, it has two tracks, one of them professional, shop, drinks area and a small museum dedicated to Sergio Pérez and his passage through the world of racing

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