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Celebrating the Environment: México

In celebrating Earth Day on April 22nd, we can strive to provide solutions to the many global environmental problems, through education and awareness.    

In México there are over one thousand organizations dedicated to the environment and environmental awareness. Although these organizations stand with few resources, they continue to endure in their efforts to improve the environment and educate. 

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The jaguar in México has migrated to northern regions.

Here is one conservation project: Proyecto de Conservacion del Jaguar (Panthera onca) – México

Listed below (in alphabetical order) are a few Mexican organizations have served as champions and guides in awareness and defense of the environment, habitats, and communities. We encourage you to learn more about them.  

  1. Centro Mexicano de Derecho Ambiental (CEMDA)                                                       CEMDA has over 25 years of promoting and legally defending environmentalists. It supports reinforcement of environmental justice and natural resources of México. Inicio – CEMDA | CEMDA
  2. Espacios Naturales y Desarrollo Sustentable                                                                   This organization began in 1995 and is focused on restoring species that have been damagedby humankind. It promotes, restores and contributes to the conservation of natural resources and the sustainable use of the natural richness of México. ESPACIOS NATURALES Y DESARROLLO SUSTENTABLE A.C. – ENDESU
  3. GreenPeace México                                                                                       GreenPeace is an international organization has been in México for 25 years. Greenpeace realizes actions in denouncing threats and constructing a green and pacific world with the participation of people.      Greenpeace México
  4.   Naturalia                                                                                                                       Naturalia is an organization with programs that point out conservancy. Some examples include the return of the Mexican wolf and conservation of the jaguar. It also has established and maintained conservation networks.         Naturalia A.C. – Conserva especies y ecosistemas mexicanos
  5.  PronaturaMéxico                                                                                                         Pronatura México is an organization with over 30 years of promoting legislation to protect the environment. The organization focuses on promoting changes in society to achieve models of use and management of natural resources. It supports communities that are threatened and has made pronounced accomplishments in reforestation and species conservation. Through prioritizing conservation in biodiversity it has increased volunteer awareness.                               Pronatura México, AC

The Mexican Wolf was on the verge of extinction.

Now that you are aware of some outstanding Mexican organizations that promote the environment as a global theme of great importance, we encourage you to support them in their work in Mexico.

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) has promoted the Chinampa Refugio Project for conservation of the axolotl. The objective of the project is the rescue of the axolotl.

Bison have been reintroduced in Mexico.