Nahuatl Legend: The King and his daughter

On Rey iwan IchpochThe king and his daughter 
Sen rey kipiyaya sen ichpoch yejwan kinekiya nonamiktis, niman yejwa xkimatiya akinon iwan.A king had a daughter who wanted to marry, but she didn’t know with whom.
On rey okinminots nochimej on telpokamej yejwan chanejkej ompa para yejwa ma kitlapejpeni yejwan kwelitas.The king organized a huge party and summoned all the young men of the village so that she could choose the one she liked the most.
Niman kemaj miyekej onosentlalikej, niman yejwa xkimatiya akinon iwan nemis.Then, many young suitors arrived, but she did not know who to marry.
On rey okijtoj:The king said:
—On yejwan kichiwas milagro, nochpoch iwan nemis.—My daughter will marry the one who performs a miracle.
—¡Kwajli! —okitokej nochimej.—Fine! —said all.
Achtopa opanok sen telpochtli pobre niman on rey okijlij:The first to come forward was a poor young man and the king said:
—Nikmakawas cien conejos niman tejwa tikmati ken tikchiwas para tikinsentlalis nochimej.—I will release one hundred rabbits and you will see how you do it to get them all together.
On telpochtli kipiyaya sen iakatlapitsal, niman okipits, kemaj nimantsin onosentlalikej nochimej on conejos. In onochiw ipan tepetl.The young man took his flute made of reed and played it. Immediately, all the rabbits approached.  This happened on the hill.
Kemaj on tepochtli okinots on rey para ma kita ika nemij cien conejos.Then the young man called the king, so that he would see that the hundred rabbits were together.
Niman on rey xonokaw ikan paktli, niman okijlij:But the king was still not pleased and said:
—Tla tejwa sanoyej titlakatl timitstsakwas ipan sen kajli de tepantli niman diez mil panes ijtik. Niman ijkwak tlanesis nikneki nikitas nion se pan. Xkwa nochi.“If you are so brave, we are going to lock you in a house with strong walls with ten thousand tortillas inside. When dawn breaks, I don’t want to see a single tortilla. You must eat them all.”
Okitsakwkej ikan diez mil panes. Ipan tlakyo iwan on telpochtli okontilan iakatlapitsal niman okipits. Niman amanaman onosentlalijkej se mil wisakomej. Yejwamej in yolkej okwakej nochi on pan.They locked him up with the ten thousand tortillas. At midnight the young man took his reed flute and played. Immediately rats approached. They ate all of the tortillas.
Niman on rey sanoyej opak niman yejwa okijlij:The king was very pleased and said:
—Tejwa iwan tinemis nochpoch.—You will marry my daughter.
Ijkon tej onochiw iwan on ichpoch on rey ika iwan onen sen telpochtli pobre.And that is how the daughter of the king married a poor young man.

Guerrero Nahuatl Legend

This legend is a Pre-Hispanic legend.

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