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Hacienda Corralejo

History of Hacienda Corralejo

Hacienda Corralejo is a historic hacienda construction in the state of Guanajuato.

The property is on land that was initially inhabited by Tarascans.  Upon the arrival of the Spaniards, the culture, ways of life and the elaboration of making agave wine evolved.  A distillation process was added to the traditional elaboration, the juice first extracted from the “pineapples” and then fermented to produce Mezcal.

In 1532, Don Tomás de Quesuchiaga received an extension of land between the municipalities of Abasolo, Pénjamo, Cuerámaro, and Manuel Doblado, from the Royal Spanish Crown. For many years it served as farmland. Hacienda Corralejo was founded in 1565 by Don Alonso de Angulo y Montesino.

Later, Hacienda Corralejo came into the hands of Don Pedro Sánchez de Teagle, known as the “Father of Tequila”.  

In 1755, the beautiful Hacienda Corralejo was rebuilt by orders of Don Pedro Sánchez.  

In 1996, it became Tequilera Corralejo, the first in the region. Pénjamo, Guanajuato, is also part of the region of the denomination of origin of tequila.

Hacienda Corralejo is the first commercial producer of Tequila in Mexico.

Photo credit: Hacienda Corralejo

Experience Hacienda Corralejo

Your experience at Hacienda Corralejo begins at the welcome sign.

Museum of Wine and Bottles

The “Museum of Wine and the Bottle”, is the largest in Mexico. It is comprised of about 3,000 bottles and a variety of alcoholic beverages. Also located on the site is a glass company where the bottles of the famous tequila are made. A souvenir shop is adjacent.

The Palace of Time at Hacienda Corralejo

The Palace of Time is a huge structure, considered one of the most beautiful cellars in Mexico. The main vault is decorated with a collection of clocks from various eras.  The main vault also has two corridors where there is aging of the Tequila 99000 Hours.  Along a small path you will enter a large event hall with an aqueduct, and watermills.

Dolce Vita Tavern

Dolce Vita Tavern is an impressive architectural construction consisting of 18 domes.

Finely carved and detailed sculptures are displayed in the interior. The tavern also houses a maturation cellar of Tequila Corralejo.  

The Tavern has a shop with traditional regional sweets, glass crafts, and Casa Corralejo products. Here you can savor traditional sweets, tequila, and wine.  

Dolce Vita Tavern Visitor Badge

The tavern also houses a maturation cellar of Tequila Corralejo.  

Photo credit: Grace Sánchez

On display is tequila production machinery and a cava holds the rums El Ron Prohibido 12 and Ron Reserva 22 as they mature.

Hacienda Corralejo Tours

Free entry and tour.    

Location: Hacienda Corralejo is located at Federal Highway number 45, kilometer 140, section Irapuato – Silao, Guanajuato, Mexico.  



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