Copper Craftsmanship in México

Finding copper products and artisans in México

Copper metal works and artisans in México date back to pre-Hispanic times. Copper has long been used in cooking traditional food. In Mexico, you can find all kinds of kitchen ware, copper kettles, saucepans, ladles jars, and coffee pots.

In México, you can find all kinds of copper kitchen ware, copper kettles, copper saucepans, copper ladles, copper jars, and even copper coffee pots.

Decoratively, it is familiar to behold creative copper planters, copper cups, copper pots, copper sinks, copper furniture, copper frames, copper lighting, copper tiles, copper bathtubs. and other copper décor.       

Highlighted are small copper items that are commonly sold along with other Mexican goods.

Copper products and wares

In the state of Michoacan, copper work is a regional long-time tradition. Originally the indigenous peoples of the region, elaborated masks, chains and other objects as an offering to the Tarascan gods.

Presently, in Santa Clara del Cobre, a magical town dedicated to the creation of copper art pieces and other copper products, workshops and galleries abound. Copper workshops line the streets and central plaza and visitors are immersed in copper works of art.

Many fascinating copper pieces are exhibited in ateliers and galleries situated along the main street, extending from the central plaza. Visitors are immersed in a continual and superb presentation of distinctive copper artwork and displays.

Artisans and craftsmanship

The featured copper piece was created by artisan Everardo Perez Pamatz. It is unique in its design and stunning copper artwork. This piece was displayed in Taller (workshop) Artesanías Ruiz, a family workshop.  

Taller Artesanías Ruiz features copper artwork by local artisans.

In foundries, workshops and ateliers, artisans melt, mold, cast, and hand-hammer  copper into beautiful works of art. Artisans work the copper using traditional techniques. Many families have traditionally run workshops and galleries. Interestingly, the creative process can be communal, where more than one artisan creates a single copper piece.

The expertise and trade of copper craftsmanship in Mexico has been recognized by international magazines and journals and Mexican copper craftmanship has reached worldwide fame.  


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