Top Handbags and Totes: Made in Mexico

Finding products and goods designed and made in Mexico has become easier. Options are no longer limited, especially for quality purses and handbags.

Designers of luxury and everyday handbags and other products in Mexico also offer alternatives to leather and actively create responsible brands. More and more Mexican brands have become more sustainable. Quality, tradition and innovation are available without harm to the environment. 

Below are some Mexican handbag models that can become your favorites.


Maria Rufina Designer: Karina Rivera

Leather and neoprene clutches, purses, and foldbags. María Rufina – Bolsas (

Oriana Rodríguez Designer: Oriana Rodríguez

Leather, textured and of elegant design.

Pantera Designer: Alejandra and Laura Laviada

This brand is 100% Made in Mexico. Artisanal leather creations. It is the first line of Mexican purses displayed at Saks Fifth Avenue Mexico.  PANTHER (

Pineda Covalin Designer: Cristina Pineda

Clutches, handbags, backpacks and other items offered in leather, Mexican designs and materials. Luxury and quality goods.

Serpenteby.FL Designer: Lucila Coudurier and Fernanda Banuelos

Exotic leather handbags. Made in Mexico.

vvvvOvvvv   Designer: Daniela Dominguez

Known for minimalism. Vov | Vov Leathergoods

Designer leather bags made in Mexico are becoming easier to find.

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Binge Knitting Designers: Various artisans

Bags made from recycled materials. Website:



Designer: Vanessa Guckel

Purses based on a model of responsible co-creation and quality production.

LeVoyage Designer: Fer Millan

Quality design purses/handbags, handmade in a sustainable manner in Mexico City.

Le Voyage x Fer Millán (

Ohja Designer:  Dubraska

This line of handbags stands out as cruelty free, alternative materials.  Minimalistic, versatile and seasonal. The designer produces few collections per year, following slow fashion.

Victoria Paris Designer: Laura Aguilera

Vegan purses and handbags. The PAUSE collection is made of natural and organic material, including cactus leather and approved by PETA.


Aurelia Designers: Andrea, Paula and Magdalena de la Torre Suárez                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Brick-like designs. Various materials.

Bolsas Nora

Bolsas para dama en CDMX – Tienda de bolsas Nora

Canela Days Designer: Cristina Díaz

Mexican brand dedicated to the exclusive design of handbags/products for women.

Canela Days – Inicio | Facebook

Ethnology Designers: Alma Andrea and Liliana Hernández Fuentes

Minimalistic design.

Golden Ponies Designer:  Erandi Gutiérrez

Colorful, pastels, and solid color purses of various shapes. Bags / Bolsas – Golden ponies 🐎

Jaime Ibiza Designer: Jaime Ruiz Velazco 

Various designs, purses, cross-body, satchels and handbags. Bolsos de diseñador para dama – Jaime Ibiza – Tienda online


Plastic purses and handbags. Lila – bolsas artesanales mexicanas de plástico y artículos de moda para mujer


La combinación perfecta de lo elegante y lo casual (

ZyD Bolsas

Purses and handbags are 100% ecological and environmentally responsible. 100% Made in Mexico. The brand is the first to produce handbag products using a fabrication process is totally ecological.

ZYD Bolsas Ecológicas Reutilizables 100% | Bolsas Eco Friendly

Artisan Handbags from Mexico

There are a variety of artisan handbags, purses and backpacks made in Mexico using traditional textiles and materials.

Clutches, purses, handbags, totes and satchels are available in various parts of Mexico.

Below are handbags and accessories made available by Mexican artisans and designers.

Bolsas Artesanales Guadalajara  Bolsas Artesanales Guadalajara – Inicio | Facebook

Bolsas Artesanales Oaxaquenas    Bolsas Artesanales oaxaqueñas | Facebook

Bolsas Artesanales de Oaxaca  Bolsas Artesanales de Oaxaca – Inicio | Facebook

Maria Patrona Designer: Raúl Escobedo

Mexican brand of luxury handmade leather handbags and goods created by communities. Artisanal embroidery is included and each item is unique.

Diseño Mexicano | María Patrona (

Mexico Artesanal

Bolsas De Dama Artesanal | Mexico Artesanal

Origin Designer: Angel Lozano

Designs and creates handbags, offering various collections in artisanal and modern fashion. Quality materials, fine and exotic leather, and artisanal fabrics. 100 % Made in Mexico. Follow “fair trade” and contribute to communities.

Tea & Tequila Designers: Millie and Sarah

The purses and handbags are made of traditional regional handknitted/woven materials with a global design. They are created by an indigenous group of women from the states of Campeche and Chiapas. Packaging is biodegradable.

Vayu  CDMX

Designs and creates with the intent of conserving the tradition of the reboso. Each item is unique and handmade by artisans in Tenancingo. Cotton is the primary material used to create purses and handbags of original and colorful design.

Location: Pasaje Polanco, Things! Local 28; Masaryk #360, Colonia Polanco

Traditional textiles, fabrics, artisan embroidery, handknits, wood, neoprene, plastic, and recycled materials are used innovatively.

Handbag designs are traditional and contemporary.