Anfora ceramic porcelain tableware: Made in Mexico

Anfora is vitrified tableware porcelain, manufactured by the company of the same name, based in Mexico. The Anfora company produces high-quality tableware and other products.


The Anfora company was founded in 1920 by five Germans in Mexico City. It has over 100 years of history, as it was started at the end of the Mexican Revolution. In 1994, the company moved its facilities to Pachuca, in the state of Hidalgo.


The Anfora porcelain that is manufactured is fully vitrified, high-quality, lead-free, and food-grade safe.  Products are resistant and durable. In their manufacture, high-temperature ovens are used and there is zero absorption of water and bacteria. Temperatures exceed 1,280 degrees Celsius and high-tunnel ovens are adjusted for in-glaze decorations. Logos, edges, and varnishes are applied in production at a minimum of 500 pieces. Each piece is high impact resistant with enamel durability.

The production of Anfora tableware exceeds 7.5 million pieces per year. Anfora tableware is used by restaurants, large hotels, and catering services. 


Classic collections include Puebla, Anfora (white), and Gris Denali.

Anfora white tableware is versatile. Plates have a reinforced edge that provides a long service life.

Anfora white can be presented as sophisticated to minimalist.

Puebla hand-painted tableware was created in 1930. It is composed of expert lines by  talented craftsmen. The Puebla collection is available in several colors and a variety of forms and sizes. Puebla is identified as Mexican in character. Its original design is highly valued by international restaurants for the presentation of traditional Mexican dishes. 

The Puebla tableware plate was named Plate of the Year by Bon Appétit magazine in 2016.

Each Puebla tableware piece has an imprint on the back.

Made in Mexico

Painted by hand

Anfora carries more than 500 designs. Best sellers include original market designs, square shapes, rolled edgecoupe and soft squares.

Recent creations include Cabo and Playa.


Anfora has technical, creative, and commercial teams.

Production of porcelain runs from minimum orders of 5,000 pieces. This also includes high-quality production of parts for the custom-made porcelain packaging industry.

Recent production includes a luxury packaging sector that produces packaging for spirits, wines, gourmet oils, and perfumes.  

The industrial design and mold development team generates custom and unique shapes, colors and patterns. Large numbers of decoration options are offered; different colors and applications: gold, platinum, matt, solid, personalized.

Talented professional artisans specialize in fire, clay, and design.

Anfora demonstrates that creative designs made in Mexico are analogous to quality, resistance, and staying power.

Author: AllGoodsOnline