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Burritos: Mexican Food

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Burritos are commonplace in Northern México and the southern border of the United States.

Although the origin of burritos is unsure, here are some versions as to the origin of the burrito (round flour tortilla softened and rolled/wrapped around ingredients).

According to one dictionary, “burrito” is considered a regional term from the state of Guanajuato in central México. This is possibly due to the overturn of the flour tortilla and its similarity to the ear of a donkey. Another version from the northern part of México describes that during the Mexican Revolution, there was a man by the name of Juan Mendez, who sold food from a food cart. So that the food would not get cold he came up with the idea of preparing large flour tortillas.  He would then wrap the food in an individual flour tortilla, then in a sheet to keep it warm. As his sales increased, he bought a donkey (burro) to get across to the United States so he could sell his food. Such was his success that customers asked for the “burro” food.  

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One thing is for sure, burritos originated in México.

The traditional ingredients are flour tortillas, ground beef, potato, garlic, red pepper, tomato, and onion.

Since the preparation of burritos is regional, contemporary burritos are prepared with a variety of condiments and/or filled with any of the following: beans, refried beans, shredded meat, egg and potato mixture, cheese, rice, pork skins in green salsa, dried meat prepared with other ingredients, pork, chicken, vegetables and seafood. Burritos are usually eaten by hand.

The breakfast burrito became popular in the United States. Burritos are also sold as small “burrititos”, in the feminine form “burritas”, grilled, frozen. Large flour tortillas are also used to prepare burritos.

Burritos are typical of northern Mexican states including Chihuahua, Sonora, Sinaloa

In the United States, they are primarily consumed in Arizona, California, and Texas.

Did you know? The burrito is so popular in the United States that it is celebrated on Day of the Burrito, every year on April 4th. The word burrito is the diminutive form of burro (donkey).