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Burrolandia México (Donkeyland Mexico)


The city of Otumba, in the state of Mexico, is known as the cradle of the donkey.  It has been considered a land of “burros” (donkeys) in Mexico, since 1972, and is a point of identity for many people. Here is where the Franciscan friars, who arrived after the Conquest, initiated the activity of muleteers, with donkeys.  


Burrolandia México is a sanctuary dedicated to the preservation of the donkey. It is a non-profit animal protection society. It consists of a farm with a huge property, that was founded in 2006 (in the vicinity of Otumba). Burrolandia México was created in an effort to rescue the donkey from possible extinction. It is dedicated to housing rescued donkeys.  Its main objective is to prevent the extinction of the donkey by doing everything possible for the survival and welfare of donkeys. seeks to protect and preserve the donkey.

 Burrolandia México is a unique space not only in Mexico, but also Latin America.

In México, donkeys were previously counted by millions. Today there are just over 250 thousand, and donkeys are in danger of extinction. According to the manager, Mr. Alfaro, for many people in Mexico, owning a donkey is seen as a symbol of poverty, economic backwardness, or ignorance. Historically, donkeys have been abused physically and as pack animals. In several states of Mexico, donkeys are still unprotected.

Per Burrolandia México, this is a place where donkeys do not need to work or suffer abuse. In Burrolandia México adopted donkeys include those that have been rescued and donkeys that have been donated by people.  

Burrolandia México seeks to pay gratitude to donkeys for the “friendship” that has existed between the donkey and humans for centuries.

Presently, there are more than 80 donkeys on site. The space offers stables for males and females live. Several donkeys have been in gestation and two have been born.

The donkeys have a large space, where they can run free, graze and wallow. They are also provided veterinary care.  

Burrolandia México spends around 300 thousand pesos a year on food for the donkeys. It raises money through the sale of cars.


For donkey lovers and nature lovers, Burrolandia México offers a number of activities. Visitors can learn everything about donkeys. Their origins, what they eat, the types of donkeys, their lifespan.

The didactic farm offers several tours and workshops. There are walks and races take place with stick burritos. Visitors have an opportunity to bathe and feed the donkeys.

If interested, visitors can bring their own carrots or buy the food they sell at the sanctuary.

It is not uncommon to see the donkeys following the visitors and seeking caresses.

In addition, visitors have the opportunity to sponsor one of the rescued donkeys.

Other activities include a train ride, and taxi services characterized as donkeys for tours of the city of Otumba, and a tourist bus for local tours.  


Burrolandia México also offers a tour of The Donkey Museum, where visitors will know the history and development of the donkey over time. The Donkey Museum “El Museo del Burro” is situated on more than 2 hectares. The museum is surrounded by cacti and buildings that house a cafeteria, an inn, and a souvenir shop. There are papier-mâché sculptures made by local artisans.

Below are handmade donkeys made by Mexican artisans.

Where: Calle 6, Otumba Center, Otumba, State of México (10 minutes from Teotihuacan pyramids)

If you want to visit Burrolandia México, it is open to the general public daily from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Tours are on Saturdays and Sundays. Check site for entry fee.

Visit Burrolandia México Burrolandia México for more information.


Did you know?

Burrolandia México is the largest donkey sanctuary in Latin America.

Valentin, a small donkey who was born in the sanctuary on February 14 of this year.

The equid is a mammal of the horse family (Equidae).

Another word for burro in Spanish is jumento