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Mexican Coffee

Coffee production in Mexico is the 8th largest in the world. In Mexico, coffee harvesting season begins in September.

Among the many types of coffee produced worldwide, the secret of Mexican coffee consists of its quality, its unique flavor and variety. Mexican coffee is versatile, it adapts to any occasion, and easily accessible.

Mexican coffee is divided into two types, as there are two main species of coffee plant:  Arabica and Robusta. These are categories that represent each type of coffee tree. Each has unique characteristics.

Arabica. This type of coffee is produced worldwide, the most produced, and easy to find. It has a low percentage of caffeine, a very aromatic flavor, and higher acidity. This type is highly consumed.

Types of Mexican Coffee

Robusta. This type is a more resistant tree that can adapt to any type of terrain, yet least produced. The percentage of caffeine is twice that of Arabica. Its flavor is strong and a lower acidity. The density is higher, the flavor more roasted. This type is mainly used to produce soluble coffee or in blends.

Mexican coffee can be sold ground, in grain, and soluble.

Ground.  Ground coffee is the most common Mexican coffee. The quality and taste usually remain intact. Ground coffee is recommended if you want to enjoy good coffee.

Grain.  Grain coffee requires a that it be ground. You can do this at home or at a coffee shop. Grain coffee is recommended if you have more time.

Soluble.  Soluble coffee is a favorite. instantaneous. The flavor is less intense. Soluble coffee is recommended if you do not have time and it is economical.

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Mexican coffee is mainly produced in the south-central part of the country, as the climatic conditions are ideal.

In Mexico, coffee is grown in the following states: Chiapas, Veracruz, Puebla, Oaxaca, Guerrero, Hidalgo, San Luis Potosí, Nayarit, Colima, Jalisco, Querétaro, Tabasco.

Several Mexican states have perfected coffee production, coffee flavor, and the way their coffee is made. The states of Veracruz, Chiapas, and Oaxaca are considered producers of quality coffee.

Did you know?

Coffee harvesting season in Mexico ends in the month of March. 

Mexico is the largest source of coffee of United States coffee imports.