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MUST HAVES Packing List for Mexico Trip

woman standing on dock near ship holding luggage and carrying handbag

Traveling to Mexico?

Not sure what to pack for your Mexico travels? 

woman standing on dock near ship holding luggage and carrying handbag

Must haves for your Mexico travels

Below we list must haves for your Mexico travels.

This is a general packing list for Mexico:  

  1. Tissues and wipes          You will need travel-size toilet tissue and wipes. Not all public restrooms have toilet paper.
  2. Medications and Toiletries   First-aid kit, sunburn relief lotion, altitude sickness and diarrhea meds. Do not forget your prescription medications!
  3. Mosquito repellants               Pack an anti-mosquito bracelet, mosquito repellant wipes/spray. You can also install a mosquito-repellant app on your cell phone.
  4. Reusable Water Filtration Bottle                You will want to take a reusable filtration water bottle. As tap water in Mexico is not safe for human consumption, you do not want to get sick. You also want to stay hydrated during your travels.
  5. Reusable shopping tote          A reusable shopping tote is ideal for travel. A reusable bag is essential since Mexico has a ban on single-use plastic bags. Take a reusable tote that is foldable to a small size.            
  6. Moisture absorber            Some parts of Mexico are very hot. You can quickly dry sweat with a microfiber travel towel or blotting sheets. Keep refreshed!
  7. Lightweight, comfortable shoes Take comfortable shoes!
  8. Anti-theft travel backpack/bag For easy mobility, take an anti-theft cross-body bag.
  9.  Clothes            Casual clothes, dressy clothes and undergarments for different occasions.   Pack sneakers for trekking, hiking, zip lining, archaeological ruins. Pack a light jacket and pants/jeans for rough terrain regions. During winter, pack a cardigan.
  10. External battery power bank/pack
  11. Portable power charger and an extra-long cable
  12. Snacks
  13. Sunglasses
  14. Music
  15. Books, magazines


1. Money               In Mexico, cash is king, and widely used. Take pesos with you.

2. Anti-theft money belt Goes without saying.

3. Credit card         Check your credit card options for low fees on foreign transactions. Pack a no-foreign transaction fee credit card. If you don’t have one, consider obtaining a credit card that has no foreign transaction fees.

4. Debit card          Pack a card that gives you access to cash. Remember cash is king in Mexico.


1. Itinerary     Email your itinerary to yourself and to family/friends.

2. Passport and copies        Take a photo of page 2 of your passport, then email the photo to yourself and to someone you trust. Make a few color copies. Take a copy with you. Don’t forget your passport!

3. Tickets            Along with the original, take a copy of your airline, travel agency tickets.

4. Mexico Travel insurance


Mexico has top beach destinations!

rear view of woman sitting on a rock

During the summer on Mexico beaches, the weather tends to be very hot. So, packing for your Mexico beach destination does require planning.

This is what to pack for Mexico’s beaches:

1. Clothes           Shorts, tank tops and sandals. Coverup. (Women can take sundresses). Don’t forget your swimsuit!

2.Sun protection                   Hat, lightweight shirt with long sleeves, and sunscreen.

3. Insect repellants           

4. Wet/dry bag

5. Beach towel

6.. Water shoes

7. UV Rash Guard

8. Waterproof phone case

Enjoy your Mexico travels!

Note: DO NOT TAKE your valuables to Mexico!