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Wellness, Retreats and More in Mexico 

Looking for interlude from the stresses of life? Want to refocus your energy?

Come to Mexico for wellness!  Mexico is globally known for its natural beauty, amazing beaches, and awesome climate. It is a focal point for individuals who want to immerse themselves in wellness and healthy activities. Mexico is captivating for enjoying the sun, surfing, hiking, and incredible food.

Numerous wellness retreats and resorts in Mexico offer nature immersion, healthy eating and more.  

Seize wellness and healthy nourishment, harmonize, and refocus in Mexico!

Here are some well-known wellness and retreat sites –

Cabo Surf Retreat

Location: San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur

The restorative retreat gives you the space and opportunity not only to surf but to relax, recharge, take tours of the local area and meet lots of kindred spirits. A team of experienced surf instructors provide personalized coaching and advice for improving your technique.

man and woman holding blue and white surfboard on beach

A team of experienced surf instructors provide personalized coaching and advice for improving your technique.


Location: Yucatan

Chablé is a wellness resort set in the Mayan Jungle, with roots firmly set in Mayan culture. Chablé follows ancient Mayan practices and principles. It offers a true escape, with a list of wellness activities. It also offers a farm-to-table dining experience using ancient food preparation techniques that will nourish and energize you. There is a spa onsite, and a private cenote.  

Healing Body Energy

Location: Akumal and Tulum, Quintana Roo

A retreat of healing wellness that can help you reset your nervous system and bring everything back into balance.

Mazunte Massages y Agua Healing

Location: Mazunte, Oaxaca

A retreat that creates a sacred heart-space of belonging, trust and love, an intimate safe container in which deep transformation can take root. Women will receive deep nourishment for body and soul.

Neigua Temazcal

Location: Puebla

Neigua Temazcal is a spiritual ceremony which in turn is an integral therapy. Physical, psychological, mental benefits and energy provided through the experience, water vapor and medicinal plants.


Location: Chemuyil, Quintana Roo

Eco-Resort. Exclusive Excursions. On-site Temazcal ceremony, Spa services, Sound Healing and Yoga.

Punta El Custodio

Location: Nayarit

This retreat offers time for you to reconnect with yourself, and professional therapeutic support that includes a therapeutic massage, complete with a sea salt exfoliation, herb-infused facial, and lots of personal relaxation time. By the end of this retreat, you will feel reconnected and rejuvenated.  

Pura Vida Wellness Retreat Center

Location:  Yelapa, Jalisco

Activities include meditation, hiking, and yoga. Other activities: guided hiking in the hills, swimming in the warm waters, splashing around under waterfalls, or sunning yourself on the beach.

Rēset Retreat (Reprecision Health)

Location: Sayulita

A 21 day retreat designed for stress management. The Rēset Retreat addressed the physical, chemical, emotional, nutritional and existential stresses that affect  wellbeing and performance. They have a multi-modal program that combines technology with specialized therapies to improve physical wellbeing.

Sanará Resort

Location: Tulum

Sanará offers an eco-retreat. Yoga studio and wellness center focused on traditional Mayan healing principles. Mayan therapies are provided by local experts whose families have been practicing the remedies for centuries. Other options include Breathing massages, Reiki, hot stone massage, and clay/mud detox.

July 2022

A 5 day summer retreat for women is offered in Tepoztlan, Morelos.

5 Day Women’s Rewilding Summer Retreat in Tepoztlan, Mexico (

January 2023

Saffron & Sage Living offer a Wellness Retreat in Oaxaca.

Oaxaca Home — Saffron & Sage | San Diego Holistic Health Club and Wellness Center (