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TAZIMOR eco-tourism in Morelos, Mexico

The state of Morelos is located in the central region of Mexico, to the south of Mexico City.

The territory of the state of Morelos is rich in nature, archaeological sites, historical sites, and culture.

One way to get to know the state of Morelos is to travel and adventure through an organization called TAZIMOR.

TAZIMOR is a community organization that offers alternative tourism options in the Indigenous areas of the state of Morelos.

There are 6 ecotourism centers in the state of Morelos, located in the north and in the south.

TAZIMOR offers memorable experiences in villages and communities while promoting the sustainable development of Nahua communities through identity. The communities provide personalized attention, under the philosophy of sharing and preserving natural and cultural resources.

These tourism and travel options offer a memorable experience to the visitor. Key examples are traditional gastronomy, eco-tourism, cultural traditions.

Each of the ecotourism centers has something special to offer. There is also an organization of indigenous artisans and products.

Visitors are encouraged and inspired to value, appreciate, and preserve the natural heritage of Mexico, with a unique and life-enriching adventure.

You can live the excitement of climbing to the top of pyramids, exploring historical and religious sites.   

You can enjoy water park and lake activities, and delicious traditional cuisine.

Explore with TAZIMOR on your next eco-touristic adventure.

Visit their site for more information: TAZIMOR