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Mezcalettes Mezcal: A Featured Mexican Product


Mezcalettes is a Mexican mezcal brand produced in the Mexican state of Michoacan.

There are centuries of tradition in the production of mezcal in the state of Michoacán as mezcal has been made in the state of Michoacán for 400 years

Mezcalettes mezcal brand was founded by the Pérez Escot Family, where the production of mezcal has been in the family for generations.  

Mezcalettes mezcal is artisanal and has its own style and flavor.

In mezcal, flavor can be affected by the type of agave, climate, altitude, production methods and other factors.

The types of agave in Michoacán vary. The most commonly used is cupreata and mezcals from this agave of Michoacán are typically earthy and smoky. Another common agave in Michoacán is Inaequidens. This agave is grown in shaded forest areas and tends to have earthy and citric characteristics.

Mezcal in Michoacán is also produced from the Cenizo, Tequilana and Americano agaves. Each agave has unique characteristics. Furthermore, the particular mezcal taste found only in Michoacán is due to a unique process.  

Per Mezcalettes mezcal brand, they grow and select the best agave to produce quality mezcal.

Currently, their mezcal is produced in two distilleries, Rancho Las Azucenas and Puentes Internacional.

100% of the agave produced is grown on their land. The distilleries are located in Etúcuaro, Michoacán, considered a cradle of mezcal.

In the state of Michoacán mezcal is recognized with Denomination of Origin and mezcal production is protected.

Mezcal is classified by the process applied to the distilled liquor. Regardless of the graduation or type of agave used, the classifications are white, matured in glass, rested and añejo.

Traditionally, mezcal is matured in glass to preserve all its characteristics.

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