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Mexican-made Fender Guitars


Fender guitars are sold all over the world. The company was established in 1946. Currently, it is one of the world’s leading manufacturers, distributors, and marketers of musical instruments.

In 1987, Fender opened a modern manufacturing facility in Ensenada, Mexico. This was part of a move towards greater quality control. Also located in Mexico is one of the company’s international satellite facilities. Currently, Fender guitars built in Mexico, fulfill the primary export role.

In 1987, Fender opened a modern manufacturing facility in Ensenada, Mexico.

Fender guitars made in Mexico deliver the same versatile range and excellent sound quality.

According to the company “the Mexican-made Fender Player Stratocaster is an incredible value guitar”. It is considered the best Fender Guitar for the money.

The iconic Player Stratocaster, made-in-Mexico version, has

  • 2 point tremolo/bridge
  • 9.5” fingerboard radius
  • Modern C neck shape
  • Satin neck finish

The body is alder, the neck is maple, and the fretboard comes in either maple or pau ferro. This guitar is the same as the Performer Stratocaster in neck shape, fretboard radius, fret size, and neck finish. 

The guitar features a 2-point (or 2-screw) bridge, providing better tuning stability.

The Mexican-made guitar uses three glued pieces of wood. Since the craftmanship and wood quality is good, tone is not drastically affected. Fender guitars made in Mexico do not have a steel bridge.  

Interestingly, the Fender Mexican Standard Stratocaster and Fender Mexican Standard were included in the top ten best Fender guitars listed for 2019.  

The Mexican-made Fender Player Stratocaster rivals an American Strat, yet at a more affordable price. For example, the built-in Mexico the Fender Player Series is under half the price of the Ultra range.

So what Fender guitars are made in Mexico?

The Fender guitars made in Mexico are the Vintera, Player and Artist series guitars. The Vintera line is made at a reduced cost in Mexico.

Mexican-made Fender guitars compete with the best.

Here are the top reasons Fender guitars made in Mexico are great in build quality.

-Due to the short geographical distance of the Mexican factories, materials are similar to those in United States factories.

-The machinery used in Mexican factories is comparable to machinery in United States factories.

-Luthiers in the Ensenada, Mexico factory are skilled.

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