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Buy books: Mexico

We bring you books representative of Mexico; cuisine, culture, history, authors.

Some books cover regional cuisine, others cover stories around and about Mexico. For those of you that are thinking of diversifying your reading, taking off for a meandering trip or are planning to live in Mexico, books are a simple way of expanding our understanding. ng of ourselves and each other.

Some studies evoke that reading literary fiction can increase empathy. Nonfiction may also commemorate a broader base of knowledge and portraits of society.

We invite you to join us on this reading venture, books about and around Mexico, fiction and non-fiction.

Discover the uniqueness and exuberance of Mexico through books.

Let us know if there is a particular book you are looking for.

My Mexico City Kitchen

Let’s Learn About Mexico coloring book

Frida Kahlo The Complete Paintings

The Aztec Empire Kindle


Mexico The Cookbook

4 Mexican paper crafts Kindle

Houses of Mexico: Antonio Farre


The Cuisines of Mexico

Like Water For Chocolate Kindle

Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art

Mexican Gothic Kindle


El Norte: The Cuisine of Northern Mexico

On the Plain of Snakes Kindle

Mexican Folk Art

Moving to Mexico:Things We Wish We Would Have Known


The Best Mexican Recipes

The Pearl Paperback and Kindle

Lives of the Gods

The Essential Cuisines of Mexico

An Illustrated Dictionary of the Gods and Symbols of Ancient Mexico

Singing for the Dead Kindle


Women With Big Eyes Angeles Mastretta

Splendors of Mexico of Thirty Centuries

15 Poets of the Aztec World



Top 10 Mexico City