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Incredible Mexico

Food production grows strongly in Mexico. Furthermore, there are agricultural products produced in Mexico that rank in the top three worldwide.  

Mexico covers an area of 2 million square kilometers. Geographically it has mountainous rivers and coastline. It has an excellent climate.

Mexico offers a range of tourism choices. It is diverse in land and nature, peoples, cuisine, dance forms, music, arts, crafts, adventure, sport, spirituality, and history. All of these vary from one state to another.

A fascinating characteristic is the difference in the modern and remote aspects of cities and rural areas. A traveler can experience world-class luxury hotels, modern shopping malls, diverse restaurants, pubs, and cafes in large cities.  By the same token, in the same cities, a traveler can encounter crowded streets and alleys, with little shops and street vendors offering commercial modern products, Mexican ethnic goods, and street food.

Mexico is the second-most populous country in Latin America, with a population of 123.5 million people (in 2017). There are a variety of ethnic groups. Mexican Mestizo is the largest group, about 62%, followed by Indigenous peoples, 21%, and people with an European background, 9%.

Economically, there was a terrible recession in late 1994. Mexico continues its economic recovery, with concerns that include low wages, underemployment, inequitable income distribution, and few opportunities for the indigenous population.