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Designer Shoes: Made in Mexico

In México, shoemaking has been a tradition for almost 400 years.

Shoemaking in México has grown in production, techniques, materials, and creativity. At present, seventy percent of the Mexican footwear production takes place in the state of Guanajuato. In the textile and clothing industry in México, one in ten jobs is generated in the manufacturing sector, so shoemaking production is a significant job source.

Furthermore, creativity is a characteristic that has been incorporated into the elaboration of Mexican footwear. Designers now incorporate traditional Mexican styles into creations for current fashion trends. Shoes model trends range from the classic to modern styles.

New generations of shoe workshops take note of legacy while giving importance to the elaboration of handmade products and from Mexican inputs.

Here, we present to you designer shoe brands that are sound Mexican products.

Regina Romero

Regina Romero is a Mexican shoe brand with history. The brand brings the best to you in sandals, loafers, ankle boots and boots. Each piece is modern and elegant.

The brand was founded in 1984.


Regina Romero designer shoes

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Julio de Mucha

Julio de Mucha is a Mexican brand of shoes that offers the best in comfort, style, quality and design in shoe products for women, men, and children. This brand is notable for its elegant and classic models. The brand was created in 1989.

Instagram @juliodemucha.

Mila Milu

Mila Milu is a Mexican shoe brand that was founded by Alejandra Rentería.

She takes her inspiration from details of the craftsmanship present in Mexico. The shoe brand corresponds to innovation in design. Raw materials used include wood, suede and more. collections include sandals, heels, boots, platforms and wedges. The brand has been recognized in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. This brand was created in 2008. It is located in Guadalajara. 

Instagram @mila_milu.

Mina Calzado & Complementos

Mina Shoes is a brand created by the Mexican designer Cris Domínguez. This designer focuses on creating shoes for women, based on the contrast of the traditional with the current. This brand produces shoes that are made without inputs of animal origin.

The brand was started in 2009.

Eileen Garcia Mexico

Eileen Garcia Mexico is a Mexican shoe brand that promotes the work of Mexican artisans who apply traditional leather goods techniques in each piece. Small batches are produced to maintain an ethically responsible work policy.

This Mexican shoe brand was founded in 2011.

Instagram @eileengarciamx.

Donatello Rossi

The Donatello Rossi brand was created by brothers Iván and Daniel Padilla. Their designs are based on the works of the Italian artist and sculptor Donatello Di Niccolò, representative of elegance and originality. Their products focus on creating shoes for men. They offer leather options with a variety of designs, textures, and finishes. Their range of styles include booties, derbys, and slippers. The brand was created in 2012.  

Twitter Donatello Rossi (@Donatello_Rossi) / Twitter

Miles & Louie

Miles & Louie was founded under the initiative of brothers Octavio and Carlos Martínez. The elaboration of their shoes is client based. Each piece is unique in its design, with a touch of luxury and comfort. All are handmade. The company was founded by in 2012.

Miles & Louie (


This Mexican brand of shoes was founded by designerNatali Mariel Sznajderman. She takes her inspiration from the contemporary woman such to create a versatile shoe. The brand is distinguished by offering pieces that are handmade by expert Mexican artisans. Skins are used that come from the best tanneries around the world. This gives the brand its characteristic traditional and classical mark. Each pair is unique and. All shoes are flats with a defined style. 

The brand was started in 2014.  

 Instagram @minhkshoes.


Vacr was founded by Víctor Ali Cueto Rivera to continue the Mexican tradition of making shoes by hand. The designs are diverse and range from metallic sandals to smooth boots. Prints have various textures. The company is located in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Instagram @vacr_.

Mí Tu Calzado

Mí Tu Calzado was created by Alejandra Gómez and Angélica Ruiz. They focus on footwear design to create new models of shoes for women. Styles are feminine. Each piece is made by hand.

 Instagram @calzado_mitu.

Alastor Studios

Alastor Studios was under a classic-modern proposal. The main material of the brand is leather and the shoes are handmade. The market it is aimed at is mainly women and has simple and comfortable designs. The company supports small Mexican manufacturers and promotes responsible consumption of buying less, better and local; and buying Mexican.

This company was created in 2015. The company is located in Leon, Guanajuato.

Alastor Studios – Home | Facebook


Headed by designer Edith Sarmiento, this Mexican shoe firm distinguishes its luxury designs by quality and comfort. The company was started in 2015. It is located in Guadalajara, Jalisco

Instagram @glitter4dinner_mx.


This Mexican brand of shoes has a wide variety of designs made in synthetic leather.

If you are looking for ankle boots, sports shoes, sandals, platforms, or espadrilles, this is the right place for you. The company is located in the state of Guanajuato.

Instagram @zumamexico.

MITU Calzado

MITU Calzado was created by Alejandra Gómez and Angélica Ruiz. This is a very popular Mexican shoe brand. The brand designs feminine models with a characteristic sweet style. Each piece is made 100 percent by hand. The brand is located in Mexico City.

Calzado de dama | Tienda en línea – MITU Calzado

You have much to choose from!