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Mexico has a rich cultural heritage, including millennial civilizations.  

Mexico is officially the United States of Mexico (Estados Unidos Mexicanos), a federal republic. It is the third largest nation in Latin America.

Food production grows strongly in Mexico. Furthermore, there are agricultural products produced in Mexico that rank in the top three worldwide. Incredible Mexico

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México has amazing places, tradition, culture, cuisine, and more.


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Mexican cuisine recognized by UNESCO

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Made in México. There are many items produced in México. From artisan-made, traditional wares to commercial manufactured goods. Experience!






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According to the legend there were 8 signs that foretold the collapse of the Aztec empire. Mixtec legend

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Poinsettia / Nochebuena

In December, poinsettias are seen all over the world. Did you know poinsettias are indigenous to México? The poinsettia is distinguishable in the month of December, in Mexican customs and traditions, where it is known as Flor de Nochebuena, the Christmas flower. The scientific name is Euphorbia pulcherrima, of the euphorbiáceas family of the plant kingdom.…

Holiday Gifts: Made in México

Not sure what gift to give this season? Consider handcrafted gifts made by Mexican artisans. Mexican products can be unique. Alebrije An Alebrije is a brightly colored Mexican folk art sculpture, of ceramic, wood or paper mache, in the form of a mythical creature.   Sources of these fantastic creatures are Oaxaca and Mexico City.…

Mexican Blown Glass Decorations

Traditional blown glass spheres and decorations are created in two magical towns in Mexico. Blown glass spheres is a technique used to model spheres. The leading producer of artisanal blown glass Christmas spheres and decorations in Mexico is a Magical town known as Chignahuapan. It is located in the northern highlands region of the Mexican…