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Cielo Dentro Artisan Chocolates


Cielo Dentro is a Mexican chocolate brand that is popular in the world of chocolate.

Cielo Dentro Chocolate is a Mexican chocolate brand that is popular in the world of chocolate.

Chef Fernando Galván is the founder of Cielo Dentro Chocolate brand. His focus is on confectionery. Through his love for chocolate, bean to artisan bar chocolate is produced.

During the past 10 years, Cielo Dentro Chocolate has refined technique, cacao bean selection, and the percentages of cocoa used. The brand is based in Mexico, so there is intense exchange with cacao fincas and Chef Fernando works closely with Mexican cocoa producers.

Chef Fernando Galván has developed an authentic laboratory where the possibilities of developing a refined chocolate are explored, with signature of author, producers, and region and varieties of cocoa are also explored.

There is very precise work in the fermentation processes, in the addition or removal of flavors, in the correction of acidity and astringency, and care in temperature and roasting times.

The cacao beans are selected by hand, removing anything that could affect flavor. Per Cielo Dentro, cacao beans are used that are of different origins and types of roasts adapted to each variety, and formulas with different proportions, to make a range of artisan chocolates. Roasting is perfectly adapted to each cocoa variety.

The company performs roast tests on cacao received from recent harvests and new producers. In this manner they can determine the ideal blend for each chocolate they want to create.

Two labels of Cielo Centro Chocolate brand were recognized by the Academy of Chocolate Awards in 2020.

Cielo Dentro discovers flavors and aromas and highlights different flavor of fine cacao beans. Some of their chocolates are spicy, floral, fruity, nutty and even have vegetable tones.

They need only two ingredients to create great chocolates, cacao and.….the skills of a great chocolatier.

Cielo Dentro Chocolate brand has eight base labels, and  some special editions.

We are so excited about Cielo Dentro Chocolates.

We invite you to experience Cielo Dentro chocolates!